Cultivate and Nourish the Flame of Vivekagni

The other morning I was examining some old journals and came across old writings on various ideas from Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, and Vadiraja Tirtha. Each of these individuals possessed a unique theological view. After decades of study of these various lineages, I have found deep inspiration and unique wormholes which connect seemingly “different” theological pathways. I was not confused by examining and contemplating opposing views rather my mind and Viveka was sharpened and expanded.  

Our spiritual practice should ideally function as such: sharpening our Viveka while dulling our mundane infantile egoic judgment. There is a huge spectrum of difference between Viveka and cheap shallow judgment.

In many ways, the duller the blade of Viveka, the sharper the shallow sectarian judgment. The sharper the blade of Viveka, the duller the shallow voice of sectarian judgment.

This concept spreads out into the mundane world on all levels with individuals unable to comprehend opposing viewpoints and attacking others who believe differently. 

We must cultivate and nourish the Flame of Vivekagni and move away from the Rajasic / Tamasic / Ahrimanic shallow judgment which causes disharmony and hate.

Jai Agni!

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