The Compass Which Orients Every Action

“On a fundamental level, we can examine the inner gnostic journey via a primordial “lens of light.” Our consciousness can be bathed in the Solar radiance of the Soul or soaked in the Tenebrae of Lunar reflection.

The ability to harmonize and integrate these cosmic radiations depends upon the awakened fire of the Ajna Chakra. When awakened, the Ajna lens can guide the explorer along the multi-layered timelines of the inner gnostic pilgrimage and the outer terrestrial journey.

This awakening allows the inner pilgrimage to become the compass which orients every action and every experience within the atmosphere of the Atman allowing the shadowy Lunar landscape to become a realm of wonder and emotional alchemy.”

“Holy and Radiant Syzygies” — Desert Meditations: Gnostic Cartography – A Handbook of Agni Yoga (Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2023)

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